Demo Day Review – looking back two months later

Is it really two months since that wonderful wet Demo Day in Wales? Thank you for coming to Trealy Farm and making it a very special day. Despite the rain, it was fun & informative with Peggy Cummings and Jim Masterson covering:

  • Basic principles of Connected Riding® and finding Neutral Pelvis
  • Balancing a rider in the saddle
  • Overview & demonstration of the Masterson Method®
  • Effects of the Masterson Method® on a horse’s movement
  • Connected Riding® from the saddle

Here’s a slideshow of the day … you may need to wait a little while for the music to start (depending on the speed of your internet). The password is trealymay2018.

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Trade Stands at the Demo Day … Scroll down through the posts and you will find contact details and links.



Peggy & Jim were excellent, and on a personal note, information I’d had previously of their methods simply fell into place and made the whole day so worthwhile.

We also enjoyed the stallholders. The refreshments were excellent, especially the vegan lunch – the antipasti was amazing! All the helpers we met were really lovely and made the day more enjoyable.

So please pass on our thanks and congratulations on putting on such a lovely day – despite the weather!


I found the day extremely well organised and the venue excellent. Peggy has changed the way I look at how I affect my horse’s ability to move freely and the bracing patterns we fall into unknowingly. I now feel I have some tools in my bag to help me and my horses. Big lesson is neutral pelvis and rotate!!!

Jim Masterson was so lovely and funny he was really approachable and showed me easily how I can find tension in my horse and gently release the areas to make him more comfortable. This was extremely valuable. As an audience we were close to Jim and we could really see the horse releasing and Jim’s lightness of touch. Love his levels of touch “egg yoke”.

Over all this was an enjoyable and memorable day with a huge amount gained for me personally. I am looking forward to the next one.


Hi Peggy! It was indeed wonderful to meet you AND to participate in your Demo Day!  What you teach fits in so well with what we’re doing with Masterson— it’s like taking the principles into ground work and the saddle!


I was fortunate enough to attend both the demo and the clinic as a rider. It was awesome … so much to be learnt and lovely people who really want to help,you. The long weekend really inspired me. Peggy is a very generous clinician and gives much of herself and really makes everyone welcome and supported, it’s definitely the way I want to ride, train and help horses. I can’t wait for the next one.