Katherine works with people and horses to ease movement, release tension and increase harmony … Aligned – and – Balanced – and – Connected towards wholeness, entirety, perfection.

She is qualified in a number of techniques, and is a practitioner in:

  • The Feldenkrais Method for human beings
  • The Masterson Method™ for horses
  • Soundcodes Therapy for Atlas-in-Balance for people and animals
  • Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT – sometimes called Photobiomodulation) for people and animals with Omega equipment

and practitioner-in-training in:

  • Connected Riding® with Peggy Cummings
  • Tellington TTouch® and TTEAM® with Robyn Hood
  • AlignmentHorse (previously EquiAlign) with Liz VanRoss
  • Inner Influencing™ with Paul Greblick

and trained in but no longer practicing:

  • NO HANDS Massage Therapy for people

and enjoying practicing:

  • Horse Speak® / PEBLS (Precise Equine Body Language Skills) with Sharon and Laura Wilsie and their Horse Speak Club
  • Equine Facilitated Learning with Rosie Withey

Why Aligned-Balanced-Connected?

Aligned-Balanced-Connected is about finding and owning your own power to effect change.

We are all creatures of habit and we stick to our habits unless we learn a better, more efficient way of going. Even though a horse is able to run within minutes of birth in perfect harmony and symmetry … he may forget his originally perfect self-organisation. Once he is stuck in a movement pattern which is inefficient he will not change it on his own. Even if this movement pattern causes exhaustion and pain, he will still stick with it and needs to be reminded of ways that give him freedom, symmetry and pleasure.

Efficient ways of moving could guarantee a longer, healthier life and might lead to a happier one.

Inefficient movement causes imbalance, undue stress on compensating joints and ligaments, effort and pain.

Making Changes

We cannot expect our horse to find better forms of movement on his own. Nor can we force a horse to change by using gadgets and coercion or by throwing him out into a field on his own. We also need to be kind to ourselves if we are to successfully initiate our own change towards better self-organisation … our nervous system will reject something that feels extreme or uncomfortable.

“You can take a horse to water but you cannot make him drink”.

Many old sayings carry truth. The horse will only learn new ways if he is calm, confident and happy and if he is given the chance to make choices and feel the benefits. If he is then shown a variety of options he will choose the easiest, the best, the most efficient. Our own nervous system will also adapt to choose efficiency when given the choice. Katherine helps people to find a better selection of options for themselves and, if they are lucky enough to have them, for their horses. We can become our own best teachers when we look around ourselves for direction. Sometimes we need to be shown where to look. Our horses will usually give us the answers. Their response to our approach or how we feel within ourselves may give us a clue! Look and learn.

Getting Help

Aligned-Balanced-Connected works with human beings independently and also with both horse and rider to rediscover the harmony and symmetry that makes for a true partnership. Katherine’s interest in horse health and welfare has driven her to study widely. With her considerable experience, she is in a position to help with difficult or entrenched situations.

For more details of Katherine’s qualifications and experience, please see the about me page. If you would like to get in touch, please contact us.