Trade Stand 25th May – Martin Avery Silverworks

Martin Avery SilverworksMartin is a local silversmith who makes hand crafted Sterling silver jewellery.  One of his main lines is a range of ‘barefoot’ jewellery based on the shape of a horse’s unshod foot.  This range was inspired by his partner’s horses who are all barefoot and so traditional ‘horsey’ jewellery based on the inevitable horse shoe was inappropriate. The range includes earrings, pendants, cufflinks and bracelets.
Barefoot necklace
Martin creates other unique designs which will also be on display and will make bespoke commissioned items. Meet Martin on 25th May and check out his beautiful jewellery. Perhaps commission a special piece just for you or someone special.
Martin’s contact details are
H. 01600750458
M. 07711319505
FB shop. @Martin Avery Silverworks.