Trade Stand 25th May – L M Saddles

Want to see a variety of saddles and have a chat with a consultant? Jemma Aigner of L M Saddles will be at Trealy Farm to talk to you.

Jemma Aigner of L M Saddles

Each LM Consultant has undertaken comprehensive training in saddle-fitting and remedial saddle-fitting.  As we work in a holistic way this covers an understanding of Equine Biomechanics and anatomy in relation to saddle-fitting.  Muscle development and body posture. Equine behaviour and communication. Basic nutrition. Hoof health and care. Rider Biomechanics and common rider ‘patterns’.  Unless otherwise stated, Consultants are fully trained in saddle reflocking by David May at The Cumbria School of Saddlery.

Prior to qualifying, many practical hours are spent shadowing experienced LM Consultants and undertaking case studies. Consultants are encouraged to continually develop and extend their knowledge.  CPD days and courses attended have included: Equine back and spinal dissection; Dr Kerry Ridgeway’s work on Equine Ulcers; Equine Behaviour; Barefoot Hoof Care; Classical training; Equine Bowen Therapy; Equine Science; In-hand training and Clicker training.

Each consultant has a keen interest in the horses well-being and will take a holistic overview of the whole horse when assessing any saddle related issues. They share the ideals and passion that LM Saddles are known for and between them have access to an extensive pool of knowledge.


L M Saddles are happy to arrange a private or group consultations, and will work closely with you and your horse offering support and advice. Take the opportunity this Demo Day of chatting to Jemma at the L M Saddles Trade Stand. Follow the website link if you wish to contact Jemma before 25th May (perhaps to ask her to bring particular saddlery items for you to see).