Trade Stand 25th May – Greenhill Therapies

Ruth Greenhill of Greenhill Therapies will be at Trealy Farm on 25th May and happy to chat with you about her work.

This is what she says about herself:

“Having grown up with horses, ponies and dogs I have always been passionate about our animal friends. While studying for my equine science degree I became determined to work in the equine therapy and rehabilitation industry, this lead me to qualify as a McTimoney animal therapist. Since gaining this qualification over 12 years ago I have continued to expand the range of therapies I offer and I now combine the McTimoney treatments with a range of massage techniques including sports massage and the Masterson muscle release method, low level laser therapy and I am a certified Kinesiotape practitioner. All these therapies complement each other very well and it means that I can offer effect treatment for the variety of issues that our equine and canine companions suffer from.

Not just animals!

From a young age I was taught to ride by my grandma, a well known instructor, who encouraged my passion for horses but she also instilled in me how important the rider’s fitness and balance is to our horses and she gave me many valuable unmounted lessons and PT sessions to benefit both myself and my ponies. This, combined with my experience gained from treating animals, has led me to further expand the therapies I have available and I have since qualified as a human sports massage therapist, have the BMLA certificate to treat people with laser and I am also trained to use Kinesio and Sports tape on humans.

Using these therapies in combination helps me to view the horse and rider or dog and their handler, in the case of sporting dog handlers, as a partnership and we can work together to help to eliminate the cause of some of the injuries and issues we see and not just treat the reoccurring symptoms.”



The links for Ruth’s website are and facebook page Ruth Greenhill – McTimoney Animal Therapist @greenhilltherapies.