Trade Stand 25th May – ArcEquine & etc.

Gail is going to wear many hats at her Trade Stand on Friday …

She is offering her lotion at £7.50 per jar. It is Vegan with no chemicals made from Organic hemp Oil and Lavender Essential oil from Provence. Food for the skin and for use over the entire body.
Gail will also talk to you about ArcEquine microcurrent technology. Katherine is an ArcEquine Agent and using her Agent’s Code you can get a 10% discount and, for the next two weeks, a special demo-day offer of a bottle of gel with each purchase. Come and pick up a leaflet.
The Trade Stand will have a number of other items for sale … hi-viz reflective vests, work gloves. Also some Pre-Vent Feeders imported from the US. PRE-VENT Feeder’s® patent pending design was specifically created to increase feed time by slowing down the rate at which a horse ingests its feed. The “compartments” or “cups” at the bottom of the feeder help prevent your horse from bolting pellet type feeds, this reduces the risk of choke.   An unusual selection of goodies from Gail & Katherine. Come to the stand for an interesting chat or a little shopping!