Stop the Itch! Solve Sweetitch!

Conquer 2017

Conquer has never, until now, stopped itching. He was born in March 1999. He is a big brown Hanoverian horse. I have known him since 2006 and cared for him since 2014. He suffers from many maladies and is constantly itchy. I was told it is impossible to solve sweetitch and he suffers year-round. Can you imagine what it is like to want to scratch yourself all over all of the time? It’s not so sweet! Sometimes you want to rub your skin right off! His itchiest place is his belly, all the way from under his tail to between his front legs, and in the summer the itchiness spreads to his head, tail and hocks. Whenever he can, he drops to the floor and rubs his belly on the ground, stretching his ligaments in the process and damaging his joints.

Finding the Remedy …

For seven years I have tried every type of topical and oral over-the-counter or prescription medicine to solve sweetitch. We have followed countless protocols for Conquer and for 18-year-old Kizmet who has suffered from sweetitch every summer since birth. There have been temporary respites but nothing has stopped the itch. Until I discovered Kleen Green! On 16th January 2021 I sprayed Conquer for the first time with KG Wash & Go.

KG Wash & Go Spray in garden pressure sprayer
Conquer standing voluntarily to be sprayed with pressure sprayer
Conquer voluntarily standing for pressure-spraying

On 18th January I was grooming him and realised that FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER he absolutely did not react when I brushed his belly. He carried on chewing hay as if I was doing nothing. There was NO reaction. It was incredible. There has NEVER before been a time when someone touched his belly and he did not react or push into them or ask for more of a rub or a scratch or lift a hind leg to swipe under his belly to resolve the itch of which he had been reminded. NOTHING HAPPENED. He paid no attention. It was like he was not itchy any longer. I keep spraying him regularly because, if mites or bugs have been biting him, they will continue to hatch and need to be stopped! And anyway, he seems to like it.

Tangible benefits in days …

… Speedy Visible Improvements

… Watch Conquer’s Progress

Did we solve sweetitch? What next?

I will write more on the many ways I have benefited from this product, but Conquer’s story needed to be told first! The UK distributor will give you a 5% discount if you use this code: NEKH5. Note that they often have larger discounts for registered customers so you could try a sample size first with this code and register to be told about larger discounts for your bigger orders. I am writing about this product because I have seen amazing benefits in Conquer’s welfare and would like to “share the dream”. I had hoped that the US supplier would appreciate this blog and my endorsement and would like to offer my readers a discount but they have not replied to my many emails and phone calls … so up to you if you wish to buy from them.

The product I use on Conquer is KG Wash & Go but you could just as easily use Kleen Green. I do not want to wet his fur every day, especially if it is cold and I am short of time, so I alternatively now use Cedarcide and will write about that too. I will keep you up-to-date on Conquer’s progress and hope he maintains it through the summer. I will also write about other benefits of this fantastic, biodegradable, non-toxic product. Here is the link to the UK distributor, the Natural Enzymes website, where there is an explanation of how the product works:


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