Summary of AlignmentHorse, Booking Tickets & Meals for June Clinic


AlignmentHorse is a revolutionary approach which teaches horses how to find their own balance without having to lean on the rider; transforms the horse’s natural way of moving into stable athleticism; expands the calmness and confidence of the horse to perform at the highest levels in every discipline. It helps dressage horses perform perfect circles and straight lines at all gaits and navigate corners elegantly and easily. It helps show-jumpers hold their line and balance on tight turns, shaving vital seconds from their time.

Within weeks of starting AlignmentHorse, Diva developed a top-line and Gracieux’s hindquarters blossomed. They began to show elevation and suspension and their cadence was impeccable on both reins, especially as they learned a new approach to canter. With AlignmentHorse, even horses with conformational defects, can be rehabilitated and learn to comfortably and beautifully jump and bascule.

Now you and your horse will be able to learn this approach!


Liz VanRoss, the founder of AlignmentHorse, has studied the anatomy, physiology, and psychology of horses and human beings for over 30 years. She is a qualified equine sports massage therapist (trained in the US by Jack Meagher and qualified in the UK with Mary Bromiley M.B.E), a qualified human massage therapist and a certified Masterson Method Practitioner. Liz has trained and successfully competed dressage horses, show jumping horses and eventers, as well as delving into the western world of heading and heeling, the show world of Arabs and Morgans and the gaited world of the Saddlebred. During her time in Kentucky, she was privileged to work for the US Equestrian Federation as their sports director for Eventing and Vaulting. Then for 7 years she was Yard General Manager of the renowned Liphook Equine hospital, one of the largest independent equine hospitals in the UK, managing the nursing team. She was the specialist responsible for rehabilitative training, expanding her own understanding of equine locomotion and biomechanics. She has travelled the world collaborating with other equine and behavioural specialists. After moving to Normandy, France, Liz established her AlignmentHorse practice and works with horses and riders of all levels and disciplines to find a more functional, comfortable and ultimately athletically healthy state.

UK Clinic 17-19 June 2024

Liz is giving an exclusive 3-day AlignmentHorse Clinic 17-19 June for a limited number of riders and auditors. You will be given the most ground-breaking golden nuggets in the horse industry …

Clinic prices are great value, especially considering the outstanding equestrian prowess you will find over the three days. AND Jedi Mastery sale prices are extended until 17 May. 

You can choose to be elsewhere 17-19 June BUT that means you’ll have to wait another year to develop equestrian Mastery and find your happier horse OR you can advantage yourself and your horse now by coming to this workshop and signing up while there is still room … there are limited places and the Jedi Sale ends soon!

Scroll down to book your tickets (riders’ and auditors’ tickets) and meals. There is more general information on Liz and the clinic here. Sign up for my newsletter and to get information on this and future events and register an interest for online courses and webinars here.

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