Joining AlignmentHorse Webinar 30 May

THIS IS INFORMATION FOR GETTING ONTO THE CALL (if you are not attending today’s call do not worry about this now … there’ll be an email next week giving you access to the recordings).

FIRST access your Eventbrite Tickets … you need to get into using the same email address as the tickets are registered with. This may be simple clicking the link on the Eventbrite email.

I DISCOVERED TODAY THAT THIS COULD BE CONFUSING AND MAY TAKE A LITTLE TIME (especially if you have more than one email address!!!)!!

You may have an Eventbrite account under that SAME address (as the tickets) … in which case open and log in under that email address. You may have more than one email address and more than one account. Make sure to log in under the same email address otherwise you will not find your tickets. If you do not have an Eventbrite account, it is probably best to FIRST go to and register for an account (this may take a few minutes as it takes you back and forth to your email account to register yourself).

ONCE YOU HAVE YOUR TICKETS, you can go to the “Online Event Page” , find the box containing the picture of the foal with today’s webinar details and click on “START MEETING” … this will take you directly to the call (which will be open from 6.20pm and start promptly at 6.30pm although you can join afterwards).

In case you have trouble finding the Online Event Page … follow these steps …

Click on your Eventbrite link in your email to get your tickets … there are images below to guide you … from your email click on :

“GET TICKETS NOW” … it will take you to Eventbrite. Then if there is a prompt, you:


“VIEW LINKS” … and from here you will see this page … where you can:

OPEN IN ZOOM” (see the box containing the image of the foal and details of today’s webinar and at the bottom of that box is the “Open in Zoom” link which is lit up 10 minutes before the call starts!!! PHEW. Look forward to seeing you soon.


- if you are in your Eventbrite account and can access the tickets & the event, go to the “OnLine Event Page” and click on the link from there to “START MEETING”

– OR … send Katherine a text or WhatsApp message to 0780-3720501 and I’ll help you!!!!