Food on 25th May, Breakfasts & Lunches 26th-28th May

Maryam of Harmony Farm Catering …

Demo Day Food & Drinks

Maryam has a stand in the arena where you can buy soup, tea, coffee & cake. Everything will be served in/on disposable cups & plates or you may bring your own mug! 

CLINIC Breakfasts & Lunches

Cheeses at Trealy

Anyone attending Peggy’s clinic may book breakfasts and lunches with Maryam (whether or not you are staying at Trealy Farm). Breakfast costs £2.50 and consists of homemade gluten free granola, eggs, sourdough bread, butter and milk, tea / coffee. Lunch costs £10 per person (the menus are in the earlier blog). Breakfasts and lunches must be booked in advance (email All food is vegetarian. All Clinic lunches are served with green salad and then there is stewed fruit for dessert.