Trade Stand 25th May – L M Saddles

Want to see a variety of saddles and have a chat with a consultant? Jemma Aigner of L M Saddles will be at Trealy Farm to talk to you.

Jemma Aigner of L M Saddles

Each LM Consultant has undertaken comprehensive training in saddle-fitting and remedial saddle-fitting.  As we work in a holistic way this covers an understanding of Equine Biomechanics and anatomy in relation to saddle-fitting.  Muscle development and body posture. Equine behaviour and communication. Basic nutrition. Hoof health and care. Rider Biomechanics and common rider ‘patterns’.  Unless otherwise stated, Consultants are fully trained in saddle reflocking by David May at The Cumbria School of Saddlery.

Prior to qualifying, many practical hours are spent shadowing experienced LM Consultants and undertaking case studies. Consultants are encouraged to continually develop and extend their knowledge.  CPD days and courses attended have included: Equine back and spinal dissection; Dr Kerry Ridgeway’s work on Equine Ulcers; Equine Behaviour; Barefoot Hoof Care; Classical training; Equine Bowen Therapy; Equine Science; In-hand training and Clicker training.

Each consultant has a keen interest in the horses well-being and will take a holistic overview of the whole horse when assessing any saddle related issues. They share the ideals and passion that LM Saddles are known for and between them have access to an extensive pool of knowledge.


L M Saddles are happy to arrange a private or group consultations, and will work closely with you and your horse offering support and advice. Take the opportunity this Demo Day of chatting to Jemma at the L M Saddles Trade Stand. Follow the website link if you wish to contact Jemma before 25th May (perhaps to ask her to bring particular saddlery items for you to see).

Trade Stand 25th May – Greenhill Therapies

Ruth Greenhill of Greenhill Therapies will be at Trealy Farm on 25th May and happy to chat with you about her work.

This is what she says about herself:

“Having grown up with horses, ponies and dogs I have always been passionate about our animal friends. While studying for my equine science degree I became determined to work in the equine therapy and rehabilitation industry, this lead me to qualify as a McTimoney animal therapist. Since gaining this qualification over 12 years ago I have continued to expand the range of therapies I offer and I now combine the McTimoney treatments with a range of massage techniques including sports massage and the Masterson muscle release method, low level laser therapy and I am a certified Kinesiotape practitioner. All these therapies complement each other very well and it means that I can offer effect treatment for the variety of issues that our equine and canine companions suffer from.

Not just animals!

From a young age I was taught to ride by my grandma, a well known instructor, who encouraged my passion for horses but she also instilled in me how important the rider’s fitness and balance is to our horses and she gave me many valuable unmounted lessons and PT sessions to benefit both myself and my ponies. This, combined with my experience gained from treating animals, has led me to further expand the therapies I have available and I have since qualified as a human sports massage therapist, have the BMLA certificate to treat people with laser and I am also trained to use Kinesio and Sports tape on humans.

Using these therapies in combination helps me to view the horse and rider or dog and their handler, in the case of sporting dog handlers, as a partnership and we can work together to help to eliminate the cause of some of the injuries and issues we see and not just treat the reoccurring symptoms.”



The links for Ruth’s website are and facebook page Ruth Greenhill – McTimoney Animal Therapist @greenhilltherapies.


Trade Stand 25th May – Harmony Trickle Feeder

Harmony Trickle Feeder have a stand at Trealy Farm on 25th May 2018

Come and find out about the Harmony Trickle Feeder™ at Trealy Farm on 25th May. Michelle O’Connor, who designed and patented the feeder will be on-hand to answer your questions.


Michelle O'Connor will be demonstration the Harmony Trickle Feeder at Trealy FarmDr. Michelle O’Connor is  a leading Veterinary Physiotherapist in Ireland.

Michelle has been deeply involved in the equine industry for many years from breeding to performance. She competed in the disciplines of showjumping and showing for many years and currently breeds and produces thoroughbreds. Michelle is also a practicing Veterinary Physiotherapist treating horses in all disciplines including racing, showjumping, eventing and dressage.

Years of treating and working with horses, combined with an in-depth knowledge of equine anatomy, nutrition and performance, and observation of the many problems encountered by trainers, owners and riders when feeding hay to horses, led to the development of the Harmony Trickle Feeder™..

For more information on the feeder, see at the harmony feeder website



Trade Stand 25th May – Equine Facilitated Learning

Rosie Withey is a personal development and riding coach and has a stand at Trealy Farm on 25th May. She will be available to discuss how equine facilitated learning can benefit horse and rider.

Rosie – in her own words

My absolute passion is to inspire people to be their true self and be the best that they can be and horses are my partners in this work. In particular my focus is on developing connection, communication and confidence through Equine Facilitated Learning, Emotional Wellbeing Coaching and Riding Coaching.

Horses are amazing teachers. As well as mirroring our emotions, intentions and behaviours a horse will immediately sense any inconsistency between these and teach us to recognise when we’re not being authentic. People come from all walks of life for 1:1 sessions, group workshops or bespoke programmes of Equine Facilitated Learning. They develop relationship skills, enhance their emotional and mental well-being, discover clear direction, overcome obstacles, bring balance to their lives or simply develop their self-awareness. What connects them all is their search for a more authentic way of being, living, managing or leading.

Emotional Wellbeing coaching can be in person, by phone or skype and guides you through a process to connect with what’s really important, move through emotional and mental blocks and get clarity and the confidence to move positively forward.

Reflective Riding is my holistic approach to riding and is based upon the fundamental connection between rider and horse – what I believe to be the most important aspect of riding. I offer private sessions for riders on their own horses and group workshops for dressage and showjumping in the North Somerset Area.

For more information on Rosie and her techniques, visit  her website

‘Don’t go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail’  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Food at Trealy Farm 25th-28th May

Maryam of Harmony Farm Catering …

 …will provide nourishing and tasty snacks & soups on the Demo Day and gourmet lunches during Peggy’s Clinic

Here are details of Maryam’s menu for 25th May.

Friday 25th May 2018 in Trealy Farm covered arena

SOUP (All soups are vegetarian & will be served with crusty sourdough bread)

Butternut Squash and Red Pepper Soup £3.50 per serving

Harrirah Soup (a middle eastern minestrone style soup) £3.50 per serving

CAKE (including gluten free cakes)

Lemon drizzle cake £1 per serving

Coconut cake £1 per serving

Cheeses at Trealy


A Clinic lunch costs £10 per person and needs to be booked in advance (email All food is vegetarian. All Clinic lunches are served with green salad and then there is stewed fruit for dessert.

Saturday 26th May 2018 – Clinic Day 1 – lunch served in the Pavilion

Sweet potato and coconut soup served with sourdough bread

Afghani Aubergine and carrot dish served with rice

Maqlooba (Palestinian risotto with cabbage and carrots)


Sunday 27th May 2018 – Clinic Day 2 – lunch served in the Pavilion

Leek and Potato Soup served with sourdough bread

Chickpea and Potato Tagine served with rice

Gluten Free Pasta with Homemade Pesto

Fire Salad (grated carrots and beetroot with mint and red onion)

Monday 28th May 2018 – Clinic Day 3 – lunch served in the Pavilion

Turkish Shurba (Lentil Soup) served with sourdough bread

Courgette and Potato Stew served with rice

Qaabali Iranian Rice Dish seasoned with caramelized onions with raisins and carrots

Chickpea and Beetroot Salad

Maryam serving soup

3-Day Clinic with Peggy Cummings

Saturday 26th May to Monday 28th May 2018

Ride with Pleasure | Outshine all Competition | Overcome Injury
Unlock Equestrian Mastery

Peggy Cummings will run her clinic 19 - 21 May

3 Days Intensive Horse-Training, Riding & Learning with Peggy

Principles of Connected Riding® revealed
Experience Connected Riding® with Peggy
Ask your questions

Demo-Day with Jim Masterson 12pm-6pm

Friday 25th May

Individual Lessons Tuesday 29th May

For full details of ticket types, prices and FAQs, please visit the Eventbrite page.

Covered Arena at

Trealy Farm,
Mitchel Troy,
NP25 4BL

For more information & to book offline, contact Katherine Harberd using the contact form.

Books and Equipment from Peggy Cummings

A few books are still available.