Axe Anxiety

"Preparing to hold our breath for 7 hours" ... Alexandra & Will taking off mid-March 2020
“Preparing to hold our breath for 7 hours” … Alexandra & Will taking off mid-March 2020

In these strange times I find myself feeling more anxious. Not much of a surprise considering that uncertainty breeds anxiety and emotions are contagious. I assume I am not alone in feeling out-of-sorts. So, I wondered, how best to support myself and others at this difficult time?

A particular part of our brain, the amygdala, is the seat of anxiety. The more we use it, the bigger it gets and the more prone we are to anxiety, or even panic attacks. We may inadvertently train anxiety to take over but we can consciously train it to shrink. After years of research into better ways to function, I found some useful tools to help shrink anxiety and the amygdala. More details follow in a series of longer articles. I wanted to start with some links that give immediate relief and hope you find something of benefit.

Enhance Your Wellbeing

Last month I could not resist the title of Geert Verschaeve’s book “Badass Ways to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks”. Even just watching his video* is helpful and I think his advice works well, as do the following:

  • Paul Greblick’s Inner Influencing** (this removes the sting of any particular problem … remember it’s not what actually happens that bothers us but how we FEEL about it that matters); and
  • Rosie Withey’s “Horses As Teachers” coaching and body scans*** (how to benefit from the wisdom of your own body; feel the feelings and access the messages it gives you); and
  • Feldenkrais lessons by Alfons Grabher**** (doing these lessons gives you a chance for movement-meditation (meditation is proven to lower the heart rate, amongst other benefits), to enjoy Alfons’ humour (laughter is a proven anxiety-buster), explore your physical patterns (emotions have physical effects), and become more aware of what it is that you do so that you can make changes / improvements).

Feeling shitty can be surprisingly GOOD and HELPFUL because it tells you what bothers you most and where to focus your attention to regain control of your life!

I volunteer my help to support your emotional wellbeing by sharing ways of reducing anxiety. Geert says that when you truly master anxiety, you’ll never forget (a bit like riding a bicycle). “Anxiety will never be able to dominate you ever again.” You cannot unlearn what you have mastered.

Caveat: I am not a healthcare professional just a passionate amateur. My motivation is simply to help others find peace in a turbulent world. In my opinion, the better we each feel and the more we support each other, the stronger and more successful we all become. I volunteer my help to support your emotional wellbeing. I receive no financial benefit from any of the links.

More to follow very soon … and here are …

The Links …

*Geert’s video … you could get free tips or try his online course

**Inner Influencing link to the free Quickstart AND a discounted link to the online course

***Rosie’s Bodyscan link

****Feldenkrais with Alfons link