AlignmentHorse Clinic and Online Courses: theory and practice

Foal lying - see the shoulders and back alignment - EquiAlign Clinic on Aligned-Balanced-Connected website

Aligned-Balanced-Connected is thrilled to sponsor this 3-day clinic hosted by Golden Valley Riding Club. The clinic will be run by Elizabeth VanRoss and will take place at The Unicorn Equestrian Centre in Stow-on-the-Wold: Monday 17th – Wednesday 19th June 2024.

AlignmentHorse is a revolutionary science-based approach to equitation. Riders will be taken on a journey starting with the anatomy of their horse and how this organises movement and informs how best to teach our horses about locomotion in Alignment. You will learn how to apply this knowledge for outstanding performance while safeguarding your horse’s wellbeing.

This knowledge is invaluable to owners, riders, handlers as well as equine therapists and equine professionals such as dentists, saddle-fitters, podiatrists, bitting specialists, nutritionists. Non-riders may attend as auditors for an opportunity to learn the theory and watch the action.

Liz VanRoss and AlignmentHorse

Liz Van Ross logo, Liz will run the AlignmentHorse clinic

Liz developed the “AlignmentHorse” approach and uses it both to develop and rehabilitate horses. She has helped hundreds of horses with her work. The AlignmentHorse approach prevents occurrence and re-occurrence of debilitating equine conditions. Liz works closely with horse owners and riders at all levels up to Grand Prix and 4* Eventing, to help them to work in better alignment and harmony, benefiting the horse’s mental, physical and emotional well-being.  

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Katherine Harberd at Aligned Balanced Connected is managing bookings for the clinic – click on “Ticket Options” to book.

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This clinic is hosted by Golden Valley Riding Club and sponsored by Aligned-Balanced-Connected.

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Golden Valley Riding Club

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Aligned Balanced Connected

Online Courses

Liz is running regular Online Courses to help you develop AlignmentHorse work with your horses. The courses are administered by Cathy Koetsier at Heart-To-Hand-Equine.

Feedback from Liz’s courses:

Liz’s approach is like finding the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle or the A of the ABC of something. Finally after all these years of having the lessons, going to the demos, the trainings, the clinics, reading the books, and seeing the greats, I can at last see a path to engage the horse’s ability to join with his human counterpart in finding, seeking and keeping alignment. Because without alignment there is no balance and without balance there never can be a functional equine partner for us to dance with.

Naomi Underwood

For a quarter of a century I have searched around the globe for the “Elusive Obvious” or the “Missing Link” in developing, training and riding my horses. At last Liz has provided the missing parts of the puzzle. No holding us back now!! Thank you Liz and AlignmentHorse.

Katherine Harberd

I am loving this approach and I truly see how it can benefit all horses! It’s like we have been let in on a huge secret thanks to Liz’s generosity…

Jane Horsman